Line Up

Livin’ Joy

Following their huge success in the 1990s with hit singles ‘Dreamer’ and ‘Don’t Stop Moving’, Italian house music group Livin Joy has returned to show the world what they’ve got in the modern era. Now featuring dynamic front woman Luzahnn in their live PA performances, the group never fails to captivate audiences with their vibrant energy. Between the years of 1994 and 1999 when the band was first active, Livin Joy was initially formed of Italian brothers Paolo and Gianni Visnadi (also members of Alex Party) and singers Tameka Starr and Janice Robinson. The band achieved global success with their fusion of Electronica, Italo house, rave and euro dance, with their biggest hits even reaching the charts in several countries including Australia, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and US.

With fifteen years of under her belt, Livin Joy’s new front woman Luzahnn certainly brings something special to the group. Having appeared in Chicago (on the West End), The Lion King, 42nd Street, The Producers, Spamalot and Hollywood blockbuster Alexander the Great, Luzahnn has established an impressive career both on stage and on screen. Her skilled vocal performance and powerful stage presence is always sure to make crowds go wild, and there’s no doubt that her flair does Livin Joy’s house records justice when tearing up the stage at clubs across the country. Featuring hits such as ‘Dreamer’, ‘Don’t Stop Moving’, ‘Where Can I Find Love’ and ‘Follow The Rules’ on their live PA shows, Livin Joy continues to set the bar high with their riveting performances.