How to use Christmas leftovers

Got a fridge piled with turkey, ham and cheese? Here are some ideas to make the most of Christmas leftovers, from indulgent lasagnes to epic pies. These easy recipe ideas will turn your leftovers into delicious dishes for Boxing Day and beyond.

  • Make it into a pieĀ You could use the remains of a chicken or turkey to create a simple pie, which will please even the fussy eaters. Our favourite one is the Roast Chicken Pie, which only takes an hour to cook! Check it out from here:
  • Pigs in blanket carbonaraIn the rare occasion that you happen to have some pigs in blankets left, you could mix it up and produce this iconic pasta dish- just look at the photo and tell me this doesn’t look delicious…. You can find the recipe from here:

  • Turn it into a tasty toastieEveryone loves a cheese toast, but what’s even better is a sandwich filled with turkey, stuffing and other favourites. You have a chance to create a variety of different options according to your leftovers for your loved ones- perfect to test out what flavours work best together. Plus it won’t take you much time to put together, so go wild!